Testimonial, Yelp

My usual 15-dollar-haircut-with-tip hair stylist was out of town so I decided to try something new. I yelped this place (Melrose Hair Studio) and I thought that 35 bucks is reasonable for a high-end male haircut – and plus I was in desperate need of one!

I made an appointment and was assigned to a nice woman named Daisy. Apparently she’s worked on some big shots like John Cusack but shes new to the melrose salon. She immediately felt up my hair and asked me a bunch of relevant questions about the hair cut. She offered to shampoo my hair but I declined because I had taken a shower that morning. Wow, she was very detail oriented and actually pleasant to talk to. She did a great job with my haircut and was really accommodating even when i asked her to change stuff around. I think the best part about Daisy is that she opens your eyes to new perspectives. For example, the person I used to go to usually just cut the hair above my ears. My ears a kinda big and Daisy made this less noticeable by asking me if I wanted to leave the hair a little longer in that area.

I also appreciated that she took her time with it. She spent over an hour with my hair (im sure u can get it faster if u rush her)! It was a good experience.
-Phil M.