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Two Hair Products Favored by Hair Stylist

Posted on 2 March 2013 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

In the last few years, a couple of products stand out as ‘flying off the shelves at the professional supply stores. Which ones of the stylist favs can you use at home that you may have heard by now but want to know the details? (This post is for gals, that was the closest picture I can use, I liked it still..)

-It’s A Ten; this product was so popular that I saw the price double in a few short years. Should you try this product, only thing is the nozzle gets clogged, so remember to rinse the top with hot water after each use so you won’t need to look for a replacement bottle. Available is a normal version, a protein version and one for fine hair.

-Morrocan Oil: yes a pricey oil in a small bottle but it does last a long time, that you just need a tiny bit to add smoothness, shine and a wonderful scent to your strands. It will make your hair soft and smell wonderful. I don’t like a lot of scents personally, however love the scent of this product. This oil is made of Argan Oil which does have different quality grades. You will pay more for Morroccan Oil verses another brand name but it is one of the ones that use a superior grade Argan Oil. This product has a normal version and a fine hair version too.