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Long Lasting Hair Color

Posted on 11 July 2013 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

cool color 6For long lasting hair color, several things come into the equation. Here are several to consider..How healthy is your hair strands? This affect durability as for dry, damage hair, therre is less ‘material’ for the color to cling to. Washing hair, too soon after a color service, too often, with too hot water allows the color molecules to fall right out of the hair. Also using an effective color care shampoo and conditioner will assist color to remain in the hair due to customized ingrediates and pH levels. Often overlooked is the conditioner which will affect durability, many overlook the important of the conditioner in this aspect. (If you have a a darker or more vibrant hair color, watch the color of the rinse water after conditioning to see this occur.) So lower your hair water temperature, use the hot hair tools smartly, and shampoo and condition with your hair color in mind. Lastly, consider a mineral removal treatment prior to your next color service for better penetration. What do you think of this medium strawberry blond?

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