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Tease for Big Hair

Posted on 3 July 2013 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

big hair This is how to get the volume for an up-do, for height at the crown or side waves to dial up the hairstyle from the norm in 5 steps. All you need is a tease comb, small boar bristle brush, hair spray. (Other tools will work too, but these work best.)

Start from front to back of the choosen section, taking an inch section, tease with a tease comb, approximately 6 to 10 times depending on the result you want, use hair spray for the teased area then lay section towards the front. Repeat as you like. (Some start from the back and move forward, no, start from the front and move back, it is more effective to increase volume. Flop all pieces towards the back to their proper places. Take a boar bristle brush and lightly smooth the baby hairs and the frayed visible areas, continue shaping and teasing as you see fit. Finish with hair spray. Anyone teasing the hair for the big weekend? Enjoy!