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Huge Retro Trend with Men’s Hair Styles in Venice

Posted on 9 November 2013 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

men facial hairretro mens againmens facial hairdownload (27)retro mensIn my 18 years of doing hair, it is amazing to watch the occasional shift in hair trends-ashy blond versus a warmer blond, low lighting blondes, ombre color, etc.

Fascinating this time around is it is in men’s hairstyles that a major trend is sweeping the salon in Venice Beach. The majority of men coming in there are asking for the quick short side part, combed back nice and proper or a pompadour style. Seen more often is also the stylized moustache and the beard has made a strong comeback. Granted in the Venice salon, not so in Malibu.. What do you think of these examples, like or no?