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Hair Salon Pet Peeve?

Posted on 2 February 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy


Do you have any salon pet peeves? I have two for you from before I was a hair colorist/stylist. 1. I would make the request that I do not want my bangs to be cut too short cause I like them longer and to not cut more than I currently have. No doubt, it would often happen, exactly what I asked them not to do. 2. When I brought in a magazine tear sheet of a hair style I wanted, it would never look like the example I wanted, even as client I could see the proportions were not right. As a stylist now, I realize that one would need to know what they were doing (have a large library of cook books) and pick the correct plan (choose the right recipe) and execute plan properly (follow the recipe ) and lastly, customize it for the client so it suits them (add or subtract any trimmings after tasting). What’s your salon pet peeve?

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