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Low or High Maintenance Hair?

Posted on 18 March 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

high low 2Lots of factors here to consider before making the right decision of the day. I reference a similar question to this question when asked about the right hair style/color choice to “What should I eat today?” I will definitely have my opinions but first, I have to know a few things about ya! It’s not a right or wrong answer, but there are things to keep in mind. Things for you to consider with your stylist are-

-how often do you like coming in the hair salon to maintain?
-is the benefits of the ‘look’ worth the time/money spent?
-some hair styles grow out better than others
-texture of hair and what’s realistic for your hair
-personal features
-if you are growing your hair out, what hairstyle can you have
now that will move you in the right direction in order to get
what you want faster?
-if you color your hair, same applies here..some methods are high
maintenance, others not..

After having a conversation like this, both you and the stylist together will come up with the right hair style choice for you!

(P.S. Fantastic look on this actress, suits her very well. These shorter and medium length looks on women require perfection and takes more skill than long hair because it is so sensitive. Well done!)

Maybe Longer Hair Again by Summer 2015