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Posted on 20 June 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

As in any business, in a hair salon, there is internal politics-more in a larger salon. Over the years, I worked in many salons. These days the main influencers for me to choose a place to work is minimal internal politics and no acrylic nails performed at the shop-icky, migraine time! Oh yeah, lastly, no excessive cigarette smoking by staff, just an old ash tray sitting around will send me running for the hills. Fresh air is my preference-thank you. Regardless of the size of the salon, I want to focus on my clients and not be internally perturbed by the salon background stuff. I work at a pretty easy-going shop in Malibu currently, not fancy-just laid back exactly for these reasons. I want it to be about hair color and haircuts, not whether the salon owner prefers cute, petite blondes over Asian brunettes as stylist. Would I like a water fountain outside the entrance and green plants in the restrooms? Yes, but not for the trade offs. Those of you that have followed me from the first hair salon in Santa Monica in 1996 through shops big and small, fancy or chill, thanks for your loyalty. I want to acknowledge some of my clients driving from elsewhere up to Malibu to see me all these years, one gal even flying in from Vegas every couple of months utilizing her ex-husbands shared private plane. Clients over the years have included housewives, mom’s, Pepperdine students, actors, doctors, lawyers, writers, producers, real estate agents, etc. and those of you that know me, know I have zero favouritism over anyone-someone’s money is never greener than another’s although some have tried. But I am fortunate to have worked with so many interesting and diverse people and have received some good advice along the way. Occasionally some of you have seen me in the Santa Monica location near the Santa Monica/Malibu incline but that salon runs a tighter ship-just FYI, rescheduling there is a no can do. The Malibu location is 15 minutes from Viceroy and Loews Hotels by the way. Both shops are just blocks to the beach. I’ve enjoyed the relationship of doing what I love-personalizing and customizing for you as well as the things in life we’ve shared-interesting, quirky, meaningful, funny conversation over the years. I’ve enjoyed all of you in different ways; sending you much thanks and appreciation!

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