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Super Cuts vs. a Salon Cut

Posted on 5 June 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

What is the real difference here? At a high turn over shop like Super Cuts, the focus is for a quick turn over so it’s necessary to spend the minimum amount of time on each client. This method works for the end of the day bottom line, which makes business sense. More people go in and out of the chair, receive a cheaper haircut, faster. How much does it really affect the quality of the haircut? Well, for a guy that wants an all over buzz cut with a clipper, not much and for gals that have the longer, grown out strands that just want a bit off the bottom it’s likely fine. The longer the hair is, if there were any flaws, they would not be as noticeable. If you are looking for a more stylized haircut, a mid length or shorter cut, the less likely you will be happy with any chop shop because this length is sensitive to you. Ditto for someone with very thick hair or very straight hair, certain parts just don’t feel right, more noticeable with layers of any kind. Curly hair hides it’s cut flaws a bit better but the silhouette of your hair makes or breaks your style, so you and others will notice at least that. To address these issues, it takes skill and time, excellence is all in the details. I know that Super Cuts like businesses is about $30 bucks to cut long layers on gals without the blow dry and most other ‘salon cuts’ average at least twice amount that and may not include the blow dry. In this scenario, lets says these two gals cut their hair 4 times a year (the longer your hair, the least noticeable the grow out). The first one spent 33.33 cents a day on her hairstyle and the salon gal spent 66.99 cents a day or more before they both cut it again. Hair is the one thing, you will never take off, in wake or sleep, at school or at work, during sex or in the shower, at the beach or in a grocery store, unless you want to shave it off. Unlike those designer shoes for $300 hundred bucks or the earrings that sit in a jewelry box most of the time, your hair never leaves you. Ultimately, whatever you decide to do, that’s what it comes down to, what your hairstyle is worth to you on a daily basis. If you enjoy your hair, you would wait longer to cut it again, therefore concentrating on more important aspects of your life and I think there is value to that.

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