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What kind of blonde hair color is better for me-golden or platinum?

Posted on 1 June 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

What kind of blonde hair color is better for me-golden or platinum? Depends on your skin tone, really. Just think of Donatella Versace..she looked WAY better as a golden blonde rather than all over platinum. Same goes for Cameron Diaz, thousand times better a golden blonde rather than the ashy blonde. (I also like her with Sombre color, use my “Daily Daisy” search box for that blog.) Interesting to note, I’ve notice there is some influence on this decision from the clients, based on which part of the country the client is from or even from what era she grew up in. Women above 50 tend to appreciate the lighter, ashy blond no matter what their skin tone is and women under 50 could go either way. I’m a fan of some form of low lights on most blondes, just think about the blonde kids you see on the beach, they are multi toned and it’s just prettier with some contrast as oppose to all one color blonde, the highlight looks only as good as the low light placement. I often use two tones of blonde for my highlights. Some gals pull of ashy great but the main factor for that is skin tone. The majority of time, a ‘good’ blonde, should have dimension. The all over ashy blonde works for the gal with the right skin tone, in additional to her being maybe..no more than 25, otherwise the dimensional light gold blond and ashy may be the way to go. Come in for a free consultation and lets find out together what’s right, for right now!

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