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More Updated Hair Color Retention Tips

Posted on 10 July 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Firstly, washing hair with hair water does not assist in color maintenance, so ask for a color prep treatment in the salon or consider a water softener for your shower. Also, the more porous the hair, the faster color molecules leave the hair so I recommend getting the color of choice in the salon but vital to use the gentlest formula possible for the least porosity, additionally for the shine and health of the hair. Noteworthy is that red color molecules are simply larger than other color molecules so it is higher maintenance hair color no matter what! I recommend waiting 48 hours before shampooing the hair with cooler water after a coloring process. When the color begins to fade then reach alternatively for a shampoo with toning aspects to it, commonly found in various hues-purple for cooler blonds, blue to counteract brassiness, dark coffee for deep brunettes, etc.

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