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Considering the Off Center Part

Posted on 12 September 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

off center part 2

off center part 1The center part is getting so much play these days in my chair, too many gals that sits down in my seat wants this part! Why? Okay, it’s cool but also cool to switch it up once in a while! It’s been in vogue for eons now since the singer Madonna popularized it with her straight blonde strands and roots showing..How long ago was that!? I’ll admit that I’m an Aquarius, so maybe that’s why I often like the do what’s different, if everybody’s growing their hair long with a center part, then that’s when I want to chop my off and wear it to the side, but that’s me, I don’t expect everybody to do that but let’s not ALL look the same, shall we?

Off center or side part looks great too, no? And you’ll stand out for being different than the herd! Now, there a few peeps that look great with a center part-those with a perfect asymmetrical face-is that you? Otherwise an off center or side part narrows a wide forehead, a long face or a not perfect nose. In the two above images, these two beauties look fab with an off center part!

That’s my take on it..