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Posted on 1 October 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

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I’ve enjoyed the three different hair academies in the Los Angeles area, at different times, experiencing the direction of the course at the influence of the art director at the time. I’m sure each time will be different but so far, here is my personal experience with the three academies so far..

Toni & Guy has been the most forward and trendy. The Paul Mitchell School in Orange County had it’s good moments but was also repetitive seemingly looking for it’s place in the sun. Vidal Sassoon was focused on classic attempting at trendy too. I’m sure it will be different every time as there is always new innovation in the serious business of hair. I am always truly surprised at this fact every time I attend these hair refresher courses/programs. From each one, I learn something new. With hair, one can’t stop educating themselves as new stuff arises constantly. I’m an Aquarian too, so constant learning is up my alley and keeps it fresh behind the chair for me since 1996. I’m always strive to be the best. Each year, Im not the same as the year before year.

Being behind the chair doesn’t feel like work, for me as I appreciate change, design and fashion having spent considerable amount of professional and personal time in that arena. My own hair has also changed from long to medium to short but that’s another blog..

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