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Maybe Longer Hair Again by Summer 2015

Posted on 10 November 2014 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

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By summer, I may grow my hair out again like JA’s photo above, I had it before..Cutting one’s hair changes the appearance as well as reflect something internal, it’s an interesting process. I have various hair lengths, the longest was when I spent a summer overseas and after my return, it was to my waist. At that juncture, I had a co-worker cut it to mid-length then again to shoulder length. But somehow it was still not enough. I think it was because I had it for so long, like two black scarfs during a hot summer in Europe, I just wanted to lighten up. When I went home that evening, I cut it in my bathroom (newspaper spread all over the sink) and have been cutting my own hair ever since. That time I went for a short shag, longer in the bang area and messy in the sides and back, kinda flipping up, (think Meg Ryan).

I liked it but grew it back out cause long hair was what I was accustomed to. That was about 14 years ago.

The feeling of the long black scarfs returned earlier this year so I’ve cut my hair again to chin length, this time, a messy bob but when it grew out really fast, I went even shorter a couple of days ago. The hair can be a security blanket and I’m no different so I wonder why this time, I’m not growing it back right away. I’m sure it will be longer again but right now, I’m almost in research mode about my own hair and my relationship to it, how it defines me or not, how various styles feel on my hair and the pros and cons of the differing styles. I figure if I don’t do the hair research now, it may be another 14 years before I cut it again.

By having different lengths and styles, I can relate to my clients and their hair concerns in a way I haven’t before I worn it short myself.
(I dress differently too with shorter hair, I make sure I wear dresses as much as possible and don’t refrain from lots of eyeliner and lipstick. When my hair was longer, I worn less make-up.) Probably by the summer of 2015, I will be mid length again as its good protection from the sun and by then, I’ll want it different again..

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