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Favorite Malibu Hair Salon Articles via Search Bar

Posted on 14 April 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

search barI thank you for liking my page and hope the articles have been helpful and interesting for you! My Malibu Hair Salon readers top articles are:

-brassy hair color
-the percent of hair color and the population
-my ombre articles (Updated to be more subtle these days in salon, still a fantastic technique for certain people. I will always incorporate it on some level. One of my favorites for natural looking color. Particularly great for dark hair gals that like to play with their color a good deal but still want low maintenance as much as possible.)

My favorites articles personal are:
-kitchen hair treatments
-the right hairstyle for you
-Supercuts verses a stylist haircut, pros and cons
-how good is a hair stylist
-minerals in water and how they affect hair
-walnuts and healthy hair
-my pet peeve hair cut in the salon

Check these all out, by using the search bar with this easy link:


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