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Posted on 13 April 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

healthy hair imageI’ve been away from blogging for a while as I was in a whirl wind of life’s drama’s in addition to health issues. However, most of that is behind me. I know much more about health and I saw how it affected my hair when I ate only plant based food. My hair grew much slower. Vegetables have protein, the kind of protein that is more easily utilized by the body. Quite a few animals eat only vegetables and grow to be quite large and robust. I do occasionally eat some animal products but only grass fed, no hormone, no pesticide products. I’ve grown to like my new way of eating. My cells feel more alive and my breathing is much easier. My quess is that my cells are receiving more oxygen too.

Hair and health are related from the thyroid’s aspect as well according to a Dr. Oz show I observed recently. If the thyroid is not optimum, the ends of the eyebrows tend to thin out or disappear all together leaving one with half of a brow towards the center of the face only.

Additionally, grass fed animal products have more omega 3’s which is great for hair because it aids in a healthy body. Better yet is organic flax oil for omega 3’s, also found in abundance in sardines. To your health and beautiful hair, mine too:)

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