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Free Color, Haircut, Pre and Post Treatment with Daisy Hair Design! Valued upwards to $525

Posted on 17 June 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

freeFree Color, Haircut, Pre and Post Treatment with Daisy Hair Design! Valued upwards to $525. If you have a hair salon Yelp review and posted your new hair photos on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll want to be considered for a free hair style, extensive color processes, pre and post hair treatment, valued at approximately $525, do these 1 minute, 3 easy steps..

1-share a link on my page, your dream haircut and color; the most current, artistic, fresh or simply gorgeous, the better
2-share on my page, a past Yelp hair review (1 to 5 stars)
3-share this post on your Facebook wall
(Bonus points for Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter Posts)

That’s it! If you are selected to receive the complementary intense hair sessions, you will tagged on my page wall. After the session, do steps 1 and 2 on Daisy Hair Design Facebook wall, this time with your NEW hair photos and of course be featured in my website. After this you will again receive a follow up visit which includes a post deep treatment to extend hair health and COLOR retention, absolutely free! Sounds fun? Of course, you can choose your ‘star’ review, whatever is true for you, if it’s a 1 star, that’s fine, if its a 5 stars, then great for both of us! Take 5 minutes and hit me up now with the above 3 links and you may just be on your way to your dream cut and color basically on me! Show me, what is your DREAM CUT and Color?

(Hair models will be selected from received photo links on Daisy Hair Design Facebook page wall. All hair models will have a minimum fee for color supplies and to assist in diverting cost, $85. I still gotta eat while I’m doing all this salon time, right!? The total value of cut, color, style and treatment can be upwards of $525 in services, yours basically free! This offer goes indefinitely, limited to the Malibu location.)

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