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Natural Highlites verses Ashy Hair Color

Posted on 26 June 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Jennifer-Aniston-Medium-hairstylewhite blond long hairNatural gold blond verses ashy blond hair color-what will the difference do for me? A good way to answer this question is, do you like gold more than silver for jewelry? Do you appreciate the gold California blonde on the beach which leaves some gold naturally from California sun or do you prefer the cooler icy tones? Often I do a combination of each and sometimes do one or the other. Gold does usually return anyway if you are out and about so some opt out, knowing gold makes a comeback later anyway.

An ashy blonde from dark hair is a fashion blonde, not considered a ‘natural’ blonde. If you want to be an ashy blonde, no gold, then ask for ashy/grey blonde, no gold. With that said, pictures speak a thousand words, that approach always communicates effectively. There are some beautiful mocha, strawberry, beige blondes too. Take your pick!

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