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Fabulous Bayalage and Sombre Hair Color!

Posted on 5 July 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

balayage this oneFabulous balayage and sombre hair color! The balayage and sombre hair color techniques were previously separate hair color trends but today they are utilized sombre often together creating a gorgeous graduation of hair color and fabulous on both natural blonde and dark hair, soft and gradual as if truly kissed by God’s sunlight. Did you know, in order to evaluate a beautifully executed balayage color, it would have gorgeous, gradual color on blown dry straight hair? On any other texture, hair color can contain flaws that are simply hidden by curls.

Beautifully blended, balayage and sombre together can provide a large-scale of lightness no matter the natural base color and it looks incredible. Even on very, very long hair, these two techniques together allow a soft transition of color which can be low maintenance too. A few lighter accent pieces can also go beautifully around the face as a nice accent.

I created one of a kind customized tools for these techniques with my mechanical friend which can create these amazing hair color techniques on long, long hair unavailable else where. Contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss your personalized look and if this technique is right for you or possibly the classic highlight technique is best. If you have a few photos of hair color you LOVE, bring them with you, all the better.

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