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Nuts for Healthy, Thicker hair-Seriously

Posted on 17 September 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

One easy way for healthy, thicker hair, eat the right nut! I have seen this happen-it works. You be the judge, here’s what happened..I’ve been working in Malibu as a hair colorist/stylist since 1997. I have a current client that has followed me from the very first salon to my current location in Malibu. I’ve done the same process on her throughout the years without much variation, because that’s the way she wants it-dark base color only and long, one length strands with an angled perimeter. I blow dry her hair every 2 to 3 weeks like clock work every time. About 3 years back, I took notice that her blow dry was taking me longer than in the past. I asked her about it because there was no mistake is the difference of time for I felt it physically as well as time wise. She had to think about it and revealed the only thing she has been doing is adding raw walnuts to her diet as another source of protein since she is not a vegetarian but is an animal lover. Wow! Hair is protein but this took me for a loop because it was so tangible and in the press, for thinning hair, I read articles for prescription alternatives, etc. but have never read advocating consuming raw walnuts on an ongoing, regular basis. Sure, we all know diet could affect the hair but I was pleasantly surprised at such a simple solution. If you want thicker hair, try it for a 30 days, eat a small handful of raw walnut daily and see for yourself. Even today, my client occasionally slips back and decrease her intake and I can tell she hasn’t been maintaining her high standards.

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