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Hair Stylist to the Test

Posted on 21 September 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

How can you tell if a hair stylist has the chops to get it done? Well, here’s a few ideas from a stylist point of view. For haircuts, surely one good sign is to find out if they are comfortable and good at medium to short hair cuts on women. The reason is because this length and texture is the most sensitive to the wearer as well as visually noticeable to all. Technical skills are required or short hair will not look good because all flaws in cutting techniques are visible! If hair were longer or wavy/curly the feel and flaws of the cut for the wearer would be more obscure. The stylist’s approach is the same for long and short hair, the difference is imperfections are very obvious on straight hair and shoulder or shorter haircuts. The same imperfections are in long hair too, it just not as visible. When someone “specializes” only in long hair cuts on women, I would suggest to keep looking.

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