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Brassy Hair Color Tips

Posted on 24 September 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

There are several reasons why hair often turns brassy when lighten in the salon or by the sun; more likely if the hair is darker. The main reason is because that brass is your true underlying pigment. If you did not have brass color in your hair already, your natural color would not be brown or black it would be gray so appreciate the brass for that. Salon hair color does fade too, just like car and house paint does. This fading due to showering with hot water, sun, swimming, not using the proper color shampoo to maintain as well as processes prior to coloring in the salon, etc. If you received highlights in your hair, all you hair will still lighten by the sun as the summer days go on exposing natural brass if you are brunette. The only way to prevent your natural brown from ever turning brassy is the ask your stylist to lighten you to a blonde which is not a good reason only to avoid brass color in hair. Other things need to be considered. Mainly upkeep. As a colorist, I would determine the appropriate degree of removal of hair pigment and sometimes use the chosen underlying pigment to compliment the ultimate choice of salon color to put in the hair. There are pros and cons with every choice selection and that’s where the important consultation comes in so you can select which option is appropriate for your maintenance and desired results. There are ways you can extend your hair color at home-wait 48 hours before you shampoo, use cooler water in the shower, choose the proper ph balanced color shampoo, wear a hat outside, ask about a color prep treatment before a color service, get a product with sunscreen, use a color mousse at home, etc. Keep in mind that color trends go in and out and brassy can look good on a few gals with the right skin and eye tones, a gal with ivory skin and green eyes for example. It’s a personal preference for the individual and a few even request/like it although the majority are anti brass.

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