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How Natural and Organic Can You Go with Hair Color?

Posted on 2 November 2015 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

natural hair colorHow natural and organic can you go with hair color? Firstly, not all ‘natural’ color is created equal. And it depends what kind of end result you want, then it’s a matter of degree. I can state right now, that the ONLY hair color that is 100% natural is….Henna! Tread carefully here, though, there are pros and cons. If you know you won’t change you hair routine and will stick with henna, then no problem. If you want to switch product lines later, then this gets a little tricky. Want to know the scoop and all it’s options for what you want to do? Sched a complimentary hair color consultation, it will be about 20 minutes, highly customize and informative for you so you can know the options, with information, you can decide which way is right for you. Sleep on it, and if it all comes together, hit me up again by a call or a text and we’ll get you in! Hope to see ya soon.

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