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Balayage Hair Color in Malibu

Posted on 11 June 2016 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Balayage is here to stay, just about everyone wants the natural sun kissed dimension hair color, if done right is absolutely stunning. For certain gals, it’s the best choice as the hair still has depth which often times works well for complimentary color for the skin tone and the grow out phase is more natural. As a colorist and make-up artist, I am a huge fan of the balayage method for all the reasons above. The classic highlight technique still has it’s place in the beauty world for certain blondes and the preferred method for certain features. Each person has an optimum depending on their own characteristics. In this photo, my client had been blond for a long time, stating to me she was too blond and wasn’t sure on the direction to go, other than she wanted some of her natural color back. Personalized color and cuts are my focus in the salon, call to schedule a complimentary consultation.sunglasses480

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