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Protein Treatment is Not a Hair Conditioner

Posted on 20 June 2016 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

This is for all gals out there that want to maintain healthy hair healthy at home in-between salon visits. This is another regular conversation I have in the salon. An extra benefit of healthy hair is that the hair retains it’s color process better too than hair that is dull, dry or porous. If your hair is stressed, dull or difficult to comb through while it’s wet, start by using a protein (sometimes referred to as amino acids) treatment at home, up to three times a week for extremely stressed hair. Once you notice a marked improvement, here’s the kicker with protein treatments, back off from using it as frequently-this is very important. Reduce the usage, to maybe once a week to maintain and adjust accordingly. Why? If protein treatments are overused, hair can be over-coated with protein and become brittle. Should you use a heat-styling tool, also use a styling product with heat/thermo protection and keep your thermostat no higher than 200 degrees for fine hair and up to 275 degrees or so for thick hair. Here’s to healthy hair!

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