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Sunkissed Balayage Hair Color

Posted on 12 June 2016 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

BA5-480Right now, I love sun kissed balayage hair color in the salon, it is so much fun to do. The high maintenance, stark contrast of previous color seems to be wearing thin as clients in Malibu are leaning towards a more ‘natural’ look to their blond. A few courageous gals have asked me to put back their natural color but they still want to be varying degrees of blond. One gal had a natural level one shade away from mine and I asked if she wanted to replace it with a bit lighter as a transitional color, she said ‘NO! I know it will fade!” Okay, fun stuff! In my years of doing hair color in Malibu, I have only received one (1) previous request to do this and this last few months, I’ve received 3 of these request, which is a refreshing as in the past 20 years gals wanted to be blond and blonder. I’ve posted the photos of these bold balayage dimensional blondes in my website, etc. If you want natural looking hair color, no matter how many colors are utilized, there is a way to get it done, no stripes please! Check out my “Before and After” series in my photo gallery. Call or text me to make a complimentary personalized hair consultation regarding sun kissed color or highlights, find out why one is better for you than the other and my perspective as a make up artist, etc. Mention this post and receive a hair cleansing, and I mean cleansing treatment followed by a repair treatment, so you hair receives the color for longer retention. This process allows your hair to fill like hair again.

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