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The truth on Herbal, Natural or Organic Hair Color

Posted on 14 June 2016 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

natural hair colorHow natural or organic can you go with your own hair color? Firstly, not all ‘natural’ hair color is created equal. Also, depends on your end result desired. I can say right now that the ONLY 100% natural hair color is..Henna! There are pros and cons here too. If you know you will stick with the program and not change, then no problem, reach for the henna. Otherwise, henna on hair will have unpredictable results when and if you decided to go another path, another hair altering process. It’s not henna but I use as ‘herbal’ as I can get though with great coverage and predictable results utilizing a minimal ‘man made’ ingredients. These ‘natural’ hair color also has it’s own grading system on how natural it really is. Sched a free consultation to hear what is possible with your hair, we can go over your concerns and I can lay out the options, the pros and the cons. Hope to see ya soon!

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