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Another Hairstyle?

Posted on 20 December 2017 in Daily Daisy by Daisy

Some prefer to maintain their hairstyle, for years. Others keep the same style for a few years and some change their hairstyle every year or two. I’m more in the middle. Since I’ve been a hairstylist, 20 years, I changed my length every few years. Normally, I do the opposite of most of my clients cause generally most ask for the same thing, what is trending. Often times, trends and requests for a particular can last for quite some time. Because of this, I want the opposite cause I’ve been hearing it and styling it for several years. The long hair request beachy waves has been going and going for a long time, so I just will chop my off at a whim. Think it’s time for my to grow it out, now that I pushed the envelope and went to boy short and combed back, perhaps I aiming for long pony tail again. It is time to maintain or is it time for a new hairstyle? Are you stuck in a certain decade? Come in for a free consultation, lets discuss this newly and narrow down the options.

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