Camille Wheat
Joined 4 years ago
January 29, 2009
Found a Hair Stylist I Love!. First off, I never write reviews – ever. But, this is news I have to share. For the three years I’ve lived in LA, I’ve bounced around from one hair person to another – never fully satisfied and actually usually pretty disappointed. I just moved to Venice and I figured if I’m going to have a horrible hair person, I might as well have one that is close to my house. That’s when I found Hair Venice and to be more specific, Daisy. I went in with an idea of what I wanted but immediately, she gave me huge binders to look through. She told me to pick out the things I liked about any of the styles I saw. Then she discussed it all with me, looked at my features, eye color, etc. She even took my personality into consideration! She seriously gave me the best cut I’ve ever had and my color is awesome. I have medium brown hair and every stylist I go to makes me bombshell blonde or way too dark. Daisy gave me a great natural but rich color. I am beyond satisfied with my experience. And, to top it off, it’s been about two months since I went and my hair is still in great shape. A major bonus is that the salon is super adorable. It’s right on Abbot Kinney behind a boutique. I completely, 100 percent recommend this place. It’s awesome! The one think I would suggest is asking for a good explanation of where it is. I had a little trouble finding it, since it was behind the boutique.

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February 04, 2009
She gave me what I wanted!. I’m so happy I met Daisy! We met through a mutual friend who’s hair always looks gorgeous. didn’t want someone who would just cut my hair exactly as I told them, I needed someone with fresh ideas and knew how to bring out my best features with some attitude!! Daisy was super friendly, sweet, enthusiastic, and really seemed to love her work and willing to take some risks to go “a little edgy”. I’m really happy with my new look! I highly recommend Daisy for someone who is looking for a personalized style and color!

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May 18, 2009
Daisy at hair Venice. I go to daisy for my cut and dye. She is very good at what she does and I like that she is honest about what she thinks is going to work for the individual instead of just doing a style that maybe trendy at the time. She also thinks of how the hair will look in the long run. I highly recommend going to her.