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Daisy is the only stylist I've allowed to cut my hair over the past few years, she really is so thoughtful to make sure we get the right style I'm looking for. Made a big chop this last time so I've included before and after photos. Thank you so much Daisy!
Once again, Daisy met all of my expectations. I have been here two times now and both times I have been more than satisfied. It's not only a haircut, it was...
Daisy is AMAZING! Really took the time to understand what I was looking for. Asked questions and made suggestions. Very knowledgeable I’d recommend to anyone. Great cut! Can’t wait to do color!
By far the best hairstylist I have been to in 20 years! Daisy will educate you, take the time to find out what you want and what’s right for you, and then make it happen!
Just WOW. It is the first time some one actually took the time to ask me what I want. Give sound advice and a beautiful cut! If you are looking for someone...
I'm new in Riverview area and picked Daisy after reading all reviews. I really love her. Not only she took the time to talk to me and understand what I exactly wanted, but she also recommended me some products for my hair that are wonderful. I'm definitely coming back to her for all hair changes.
Daisy is amazing at what she does! She is a true artist and will tell you what she thinks works best for your face/frame. She is a master in coloring and highlights and has supreme attention to detail. I look forward to my next appointment with her.
Thank you Daisy for a great experience, very educational and listen to what I wanted and gave me feed back to help us reach my goal, thank you!!
Great experience. I will definitely be back for future haircuts. Daisy really knows the questions to ask to make sure you are getting the trim or color you are looking for.
Daisy is a real professional . She knows her stuff, and is a highly skilled beautician. She gave me exactly what I wanted and explained all my options for the best look for me. She got me in for an appointment quickly (same day) and did an amazing job. I highly reccomend her, she will not disappoint!
Very professional and friendly. Awesome service.
Daisy is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and super thorough. She responded to me very quickly when I texted her on a Sunday looking for a cut and color ASAP. She took the time to really talk to me about the current condition of my hair and what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with her work and am looking forward to seeing her again because I know she will do a phenomenal job!
Daisy is Fantastic she Is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to hair she cut my hair very well and she is a great listener she is super confident in her work. She was also very professional when we spoke on the phone. Also I left learning so much about my hair which was awsome She told me I needed a clarifying shampoo (which I’ve never used btw) and also a protein treatment for my hair I went straight to Sally’s and pick up the shampoo and treatment did it on my hair and WOW what a difference it made I can run my fingers through my hair and it’s even much easier to straighten I am extremely impressed with her knowledge and confidence I Highly reccomend Miss Daisy to anyone who looking for a great cut and also some Real knowledge on your hair ! Love ya Daisy !
Daisy is absolutely magical! She is the only hairstylist that has told me that I could get layers with my baby fine hair. I have had so many “hairstylists” tell me that I should basically give up on having volume or layers because my hair is too fine/thin. Well, Daisy said they are just scared! She obviously has the skills to work on any kind of hair type because I actually have layers in my hair after 7 years! Her advice is golden. I recommend her 💯 %
I have straight fine hair and a lot of it. When others cut it, it can be flat and my ponytail can be too heavy, yanking on the hairs in front. I like it when Daisy cuts it; it's fluffier and also I can wait longer until next haircut. Thanks Daisy!
I love my new haircut thanks a lot DaisyI got a lot of complements you did an awesome job with my hair... I love it ⚘
If given one word to describe Daisy it would be "thorough". Luckily, I'm able to say more about her! I was fascinated that she could tell my dominate sleeping side by the ends of my hair! She is super knowledgeable - like, crazy smart, loads of fun, and it was an overall wonderful experience. I'm new to the area and I'm extremely thankful to have found Daisy. I called 8 other shops before I called her - 8! There was something in her voice when she explained how she cut/colored that just "clicked". I love how she explained the way my hair should be cut to "fit my face". She's exceptionally gifted! Daisy takes her time and doesn't make you feel rushed. If you are new to the area or just wanting to change stylist, I highly recommend you check out Daisy!
Daisy was amazing! She was very nice and friendly! She put a lot of thought into her design and made sure she customized a hairstyle that fit you the best. Book an appointment with her and you won't regret it!
Outstanding professional consultation Nd hair cut/design.! Best haircut I’ve had in years! Don’t waste your time going elsewhere—Daisy is phenomenal! Not only did she spend the time doing a fab cut, she took the time to explain how to achieve the best styling results .
Going from long to short hair is scary when you just meet a new stylist. Daisy took my face shape, my style habits, and my preferences and gave me the greatest cut! I dont know what you xall the style, but its shorter and more edgy than a bob, but not so shortthat I feel "naked". I love it! I lost at least 8" of hair and am so pleased with the look! Plus, Daisy is a blast to talk to! Such a full life!!
Daisy thought me more about the shape of my head and how best to cut my hair within 5 minutes than I've learned in over 35 years of getting haircuts. She is a true master of her art and best haircut I've received within years. I'm going to be a life long client!
The best haircut I have received in a long time! I also got balayage highlights that look amazing. I'm am very happy with Daisy's work.
My girlfriend needed a haircut so we read Daisy's reviews and decided you try her. My girlfriend was quite content with it.
=) Love my haircut!
I could not be happier or more impressed with Daisy's work. She is a master of her craft - wields scissors as though they were a part of her hand and her intimate understanding and knowledge of color, coupled with her creativity and vision make her the ideal hair stylist.
Daisy is awesome... You'll be happy you made the appointment!!
Daisy did an excellent job at cutting my hair! I feel she examined my facial features, hair texture, ect. To give me the perfect cut! Love it will def go back!
I'm not a young guy, but I have a lot of hair and I've had a lot of hair cuts. Daisy gave me one of the best cuts keeping in mind my particulars which most do not do. I will be a regular, thank you Daisy!
I finally found Daisy after a series of bad hair cuts. She immediately diagnosed the problem and we talked about what styles work and don't work for my hair...
I am a regular as I love how she cuts my hair. I have flat hair and her haircuts makes my hair look a lot fluffier. Also, she made a point of finding out that I am a low maintenance hair type of gal and she always gives me low maintenance yet stylish and flattering haircuts. Another bonus is her haircuts grow out very well; I can get away with going as long as 1 year in between haircuts.
Always amazing cut and color. I don't trust anyone more than Daisy!
I have seen her work looking forward to a hair cut soon by Daisy!!!She does a perfect job every time!
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